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May 31, 2006

Music Video 2

Here's another Jay Chou's video, 'Black Humour', from his third album, 'The Eighth Dimension'. Courtesy of YouTube.com

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Music Video

When it comes to music video, i'm not as enthusiastic as other ardent music lovers who loves visual stimulations that accompany the tunes. However, i've started to like it. a lot. Here's 珊瑚海 music video!! The lyrics are in my past entry. Enjoy!

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May 26, 2006


Hokay, so. I have finally finished revamping this blog for the time being. It was done gradually (in a pathetic way, ie hundreds of trials and errors) over the past 2 weeks due to my IT illiteracy. I mean, really, one might as well give me a japanese poem and ask me to write a 10-page detailed analysis of it. *gosh*

Anyway I've decided to discard the monotone white background for a refreshing Akatsuki HG Gundam model (which I would love to have it, *hint hint*), after tweaking it using adobe photoshop. Then, I took away the hedious robotic acronym of my name (read: Lifelike Intelligent Machine Programmed for Efficient Infiltration, Xenocide and Immidiate Nullification lol) found from The Cyborg Name Decoder and put up a text message box instead. I've been asking for a message box's code from chee yong for a while back but the deliverance came from Joyce's blog instead. Thank you for the Cbox link!

After countless of reloading and rebuilding and reloading again, finally it's done! Hope it looks fine.. I would really appreciate any feedbacks and comments regarding this new layout. Please feel free to leave messages in the text box on the right! Arigato!!

p.s.: I don't hate Japanese poem. In fact, i'm going to take Japanese lessons in the coming fall. Reason? To watch bleach and naruto without needing to wait for the fansub translations. :P

Quote of the day:
"Roses are #FF0000, Violets are #0000FF;
This HTML looks great, and so do you."

~Benny (not bad for an IT undergrad!)

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May 24, 2006


I just got this forwarded email from a friend, claiming some interesting findings on human tears. This is the original copy of the email:

> Yahoo! Messenger with Voice. PC-to-Phone calls for
> ridiculously low rates.> From: "Evelyn"

> To: "Evelyn"
> Subject: Study on Tears
> Date: Sun, 21 May 2006 20:26:15 +0800
> Interesting piece of information...
> "There was a study done where a control group of 100
> people were divided into two.
> 50 people watched a very funny, tears-of laughter
> type movie. 50 watched a very sad and tears of compassion type
> movie.
> At the end of the sessions researchers collected the
> "happy tears" and the "sad tears" with eye droppers.
> They found that "happy tears" are made up of
> brine...salt water and not a great deal else.
> However the "sad tears" were found to contain the
> very same chemicals and enzymes that are found in tumours,
> ulcers and other such lumps and
> bumps and sicknesses through out the body.
> This test concluded that the body, when crying in
> sadness etc is literally flushing out all of the
> toxic-chemicals that accumulate and
> are a part of the sadness /heart ache experience.
> Therefore if one holds back those tears, those
> toxic-waters will find somewhere else to deposit
> themselves.....and prolonged
> lack-of-crying-release will guarantee that the body
> will accumulate a huge amount of internal pollution
> and toxicity that should have been released through the
> tears........is it any wonder that the eyes sting
> so much when we hold back our tears?"

It was not uncommon that these health-related emails are circulated among friends and families. Among some famous ones, which i'm sure some of you got them before, include how the acids in Coca-cola can wash a dirty toilet bowl shining clean, how kfc breed genetically-modified chickens which are headless and footless (!) to ease up the poultry processing part of turning those avians into finger licking good savoury, and again, how pouring Coca-cola on a piece of pork can force translucent worms squirming out of the meat. Eww..

Of course, the piece of interesting news about tears is not as extreme as what i have mentioned above. However, one can't help wondering about the reliability and credibility of the information source.

I was trained in the biology lab to be skeptical of all tertiary articles as such. No mention of authors, date of study conducted, which lab or university that endorses the research, etc etc. In short, there is no primary literature published to support all these claims. I ran a search in pubmed for any articles related to tear, ulcer and tumor, nothing relavant came out. I searched again for tear and brine, 1 hit. An article translated from German, but i couldn't access it. There is only a short paragraph on the peroxidase content of human tear, which as the study suggested, is not high enough to sustain a peroxidase-thiocyanide-hydrogenperoxide system (what a mouthful) that confer antibacterial properties to fluids such as milk and saliva.


Anyway, my bottommline: it's hard to trust emails these days.

(Btw, all the gruesomely graphical imagination induced by my words on Coca-cola and kfc is unfounded; they are all not true... At least i believe they aren't >.<)

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May 22, 2006

Nope, tis not a review on Da movie

I just watched Good Will Hunting. It was released a while back, and what prompted me to watch it was kinda incidental. I suscribe emails from about.com for a while now and i always treat it as a junkmail. For the uninitiated, about.com is a website dedicated to disseminate information just about anything; you name it, it got it. So i had their math sections mailed to me weekly. At first i thought it'll be interesting, but sad to say it didn't live to my expectations. Most of the issues they deal with are not actual math equations and such, but a mix of education issues on whether calculus should be introduced in high school for everyone to whether kids in kindergartens are having enough math syllabus out of the education system. One day thought they mailed an interesting topic that caught my eye. Math in movie. There were at least 80 movies listed, and Good Will Hunting was one of them. I thought i could try it out.

It became one of my favourite. I thought i could relate to the main character, Will Hunting, played by Matt Damon. Okay, apart from the prodigial talent in math and the dashing factor, i could relate to Will's character, ie why he can't open up to people about his feelings, why he has to lie, why despite of his name he lacks will to do what he is best at.

Some people, when being approached to talk about himself, has this defense mechanism not to tell everything truthfully because of certain incidents that happened in the past that corroded his trust in other people in conveying in what he deemed most vulnerable; his feelings, his emotions, his constant fear of hate and betrayal. The best way to avoid that is minimize contact with people, sort of acting like a recluse, but he yearns for that special someone to walk into his life too. This observation was evident in most of the elaborate and engaging conversations Will had with shrink Dr. Shawn (or Sean? i dunno) played by Robin Williams.

Will seems like a simple man with no real ambition in his life. To him, honor and respect has a broader definition; he argued that honor and respect should not be given to degree-holders and bigshot conglomerates, but also to janitors who ensure washroom users get confort from their service and mechanics who ensure regular 9-to-5ers get to their work stations on time, to name a few such 'lowly' jobs labeled by social stigma. But, he is, in fact, the most complicated man to deal with. I was rather amused by his arguments when an NSA officer asked him to give reasons not to accept the job offer as a code-breaker. He thought far and wide, in hope that he was not doing the wrong decision. No, he's not undecisive; On the contrary, he decided things pretty much on his own grounds, just that his grounds are pretty pessimistic ones. Well, probably it's apt to say he is one interesting character ever fictionalized.

Hmm.. this week is full of the Da Vinci's hype. Probably I'll watch it when all the hype dies down; maybe the theater will be a little less crowded then.

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May 14, 2006


Os iusti meditabitur sapientiam
Et lingua eius loquetur iudicium
Beatus vir qui suffert tentationem
Quoniam cum probatus fuerit
Accipiet coronam vitae
Kyrie, ignis divine, eleison
Oh quam sancta
Quam serena
Quam benigna
Quam amoena
Oh castilas lilium

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Okay whoever in need to quench the desire for dumplings can come to:

2226 Willowbrook Dr. #190
West Lafayette IN 47906

Visit me and you can enjoy as much dumplings as you want. (Unfortunately it's not halal)

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'The Verdant vs The Azure'
Taken at Brown Stone Apartments in Purdue campus.

My grandma had a cataract removal surgery this week. The operation was sucessful and she's on the way to smooth recovery. Having just celebrated her 78th birthday last week, it was indeed a blessing that she's still going strong. Many attribute her health to the fact that she's a vegetarian, but i think that the penultimate reason is her innate cheerfulness radiating every day irregardless of sunshine or rain. She did everything to make the world okay for her children and grandchildren. Ah ma, I am proud of you. Thanks for the dumpling wrapping and pao-making lessons. Happy Mothers' Day. Stay happy always.

Si Gu, I know you probably need to concentrate more on putting in extra effort to reach the stage of marriage, let alone motherhood, but you have been a great 'mother' to all your nephews and nieces. I learnt a lot from you, ie drawing and coloring, mental arithmetic, quotes from the book of 'xin yun da shi' (direct translation: Master Star and Cloud) etc etc. Thank you for your care. Da Gu and Er Gu, best chefs in our family, your culinary skills have satisfied my heart through my stomach. Thank you for the wonderful gastronomical experiences. San Gu, thanks for fetching me to and fro tuitions and other travels as well as talking about life. You have been a good teacher of life. Wu Gu and Xiao Gu, thanks for being there to share jokes and laughters. Thanks aunts, Happy Mothers' Day. Stay cheerful always.

My mother has raised 4 boys under one roof and still is able to keep the roof intact. We, the 4 demolition brothers, had been a pain in the neck, the head and the heart. Rebelious times started not during adolescent years, but much earlier. I remembered for some petty reasons I hit my mum with a cane before. I didn't talk to her for a long while but mum forgave me. Sorry ma, and thank you for being patient with me. Thanks for the soups you painstakingly made during the examination seasons, among other things. Thanks for the dumpling recipe. Happy Mothers' Day. Stay healthy always.

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