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April 29, 2006

Mommy Dandelion


Spring smells sweet, thought mommy dandelion. It's the perfect time to give birth to my little ones like my neighbor ducky. Ah, the youthfulness of spring!

Hi, my young ones! Mr. Sunny says hello and Ms. Cloud blows a little welcome breeze for you all! But cling to me tight! I will protect you with my love and feed you through my roots! Stay on my shoulder and grow well! Nothing makes me happier than watching you mature and learn new things in the world!

But soon the time comes for you to leave me for good. You are now ready to face the challenges in the world! Embrace them with strength I once taught you! Live to see the rainbow after the rain! Last till the end of time! You will then understand the pain and happiness I went through.

Let go now, my young ones! You are forever my beloved babies, forever in my mind! Let go now! Go!

At last I withered away. On the account that my babies would never see me in this state, I wither away with a smile.

*A special dedication to all the great mommies in this world, regardless of genus or species! Happy Mommies Day!! Story inspired by Peter*

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