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July 23, 2008


Hello everyone, my dear friends who has been silently coming to this blog and see that the last post is still pineapple fried rice! I am here to say that I just came out from meditation in an isolated cave somewhere near Tibet and I have freed myself from the shackles of writers' block!

1. Actually I was just busy with practically everything that's bombarding in my currently about-to-enter-4th-year-in-college-and-still-struggling-with-time-management life.

2. I am obliged to give an update about my life since pineapple fried rice.

3. Exactly 9 months and 3 days ago, I started a brand new relationship with a beautiful girl from Beijing.

4. About 7 months ago, I crossed the not-so-small pond for the third time to the motherland of MUFC (looks like a swear word). Visited my brother (again), Grace (again), Huei Ming, ex-AJC-cum-ASEAN people and Flaine (it was love at first sight). Thanks bro for the treat!

5. Hmm... what major events happened after that? I can't remember... It was a blur of college, research, church, student association, girlfriend... oh~! I got elected as the president of the Malaysian Students Association. Well, technically, I won uncontested. It came upon me that very few in the association is willing to lead (I myself included initially), but I am very glad that I am given a great committee, mostly still fresh but very eager to learn and serve.

6. I got baptised around May. Sorry mum, I didn't tell you this earlier, but I am still your beloved son :)

7. I got really involved in the church starting June. I was officially appointed as the leader of the Compassion Ministry, taking the helm over from a great sister who is currently working in Singapore now. I have been going to a homeless shelter to serve dinner, writing letters to a little girl the ministry is sponsoring in the poverty-inflicted part of Indonesia, and this weekend will be resuming the old folks' home 'happy hour' service again. Besides that, I was appointed as a rising cell group leader, taking care of the growth and welfare of my cell group members. My members are really amazing; they are so hyperactive that they sometimes climb over my head, but the most happy thing is we managed to organize a car wash fund-raising activity and helped reduce the financial burden for organizing the welcoming service at the beginning of Fall semester.

8. I participated in a research internship program called DURI (Discovery Park Undergraduate Research Internship) during the summer. I continued working with the same professor in the department of Chemistry. People asked me why I did not opt for a lab in biology. I told them that I like working with other departments so that I can gain a multidisiplinary view of research. Plus, the lab project I am working on really interests me.

9. I was addicted to a certain manga called '20th century boys' over the summer. Its story centers on a young man who discovered that the plot for justice over the facades of world destruction cooked up during his childhood became reality (only the destruction part) and he was destined to become the hero who saves the world. The storyline plays out really well, and there are so many twists and turns out of the blue that it thrills me to the bones. Do check it out.

10. Chou-chou means butterfly in Japanese. There's a detective called Chouno in '20th century boys' who dreams of becoming a great detective like his grandfather.

11. Incidentally, I recently watched an intriguing movie called 'The Oxford Murders' (2007). I've never come across a movie that takes mathematics so intricately into the plot since 'A Beautiful Mind'. But the most striking words I remember from the movie is at the end, when the professor revealed that the main protagonist is the cause of all the murders by asking, "Are you that butterfly, Martin?" If you have come across an essay topic as annoying as something similar to 'A butterfly flapping its wings stirs up a tornado at the other end of the world. Discuss.', I am sure you know what I mean.

12. I am writing this blog again to improve my ever deflating ability to type gracefully and eloquently in English. I have GRE coming up. I hope that after this college business finishes, I can once again focus on culinary delights, or maybe a few follow-up analysis of the issues brought up in chedet.com (I am a big fan, and hence the numbering of my information points). Kudos to TDM.

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