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April 02, 2007


Okay, this may sound like bragging, but i think i'm good at doing handicrafts. This realization assumption came to me today when i taught people how to weave ketupat shells. The unbelievably amazing thing is i just learnt how to do it a day ago! Perhaps I should be in arts stream and become the future Picasso a batik/songket/ketupat/bak zhang manufacturer. With enough luck i might even made it into Fortune's list big by 20. So what am i doing in a university and experimenting with flies, E coli etc instead?

The argument of arts vs science: which one is a better field should have been flung out of my mind a long time ago after 5 years of pursuing science. somehow i feel like i'm leaving out a big possibility of changing my lifestyle in a totally different way when i chose science. Had i ever given arts a chance? I did learn how to draw, how to use crayons and water color, how to draw perspective views (i loved that a long time ago actually) etc.. If the arts class in school back then included making straw stars and origami, or weaving ketupat and bak zhang, i think i would go for arts without a doubt. Haw haw haw...

Maybe i like to do those stuffs because it fills up my leisure time.. and i think it's a sort of intangible skill which has to be passed down from generation to generation.. it would be sad if no one in the newer generation knows how to make bak zhang or ketupat just because they don't know how to weave them anymore (if you are thinking that plastic bags can replace the woven bamboo and coconut leaves in cooking those savoury food, you are sick don't know what real deal food is)

Science can be an art also, in some sort of sense. Like burning flies after you are done with them (sounds cruel right.. i'm evil) ethanol can be a handy liquid. just joking haha.. now the serious part: the sense of art in science came to me as the design in drugs to combat diseases; as the deciphered mechanisms and pathways in which DNA, RNA, proteins etc mesh together to form an intricate web of life which function perfectly, in ways beyond how a Picasso impressionism can ever be appreciated. This art is beyond Mankind. This art is the work of God.

Posted by peixin at April 2, 2007 11:27 AM


Yea, you've always had a flair with the arts and origami especially. I still remember that book you had which teaches you to fold all kinds of things from one single piece of paper! Came in handy when you had to do that fold-a-million-stars-to-impress-new-girlfriend thing, heh?

Posted by: zx at April 3, 2007 08:13 AM

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