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March 18, 2007


Presenting, my first contribution to batupahat.org! This website brings so so so many nostalgic memories about my hometown; my primary school is there (Montfort Primary School), so is my secondary school (Batu Pahat High School); many nice photos of authentic malaysian food (slurpp!! drool!); etc etc. I actually spent hours reading those posts.

Oh btw, Christine and Jeanette, Congrats to you both! You gals made your big 'sis' (aka yours truly) here proud! :P

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March 13, 2007

Bro, I found Cikgu Zaba on Youtube!!

Bro, watch this!!!

and this mall (and here) is so beautiful! What happened to my old small Summit-monopolized hometown in my 2-year absence!?

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March 11, 2007

Lost In Connection

I just realized my brain has a weird way of connecting past events. Here's a recount of what happened:

I was eating dinner with a bunch of friends when I saw a Calculus 3 TA I had when I took the course in the first semester in Purdue. Try as I might, I couldn't remember his name properly.

Li..... something. Li.... what? Li..... Hao? No... Li....... Mao? Limau (lemon)!? lol... heyy.. focus here.... Li.... Jia? Li Jia!

Then, suddenly, another similar name popped up in my brain, as if the extraction method I used to tug Li Jia out of my memory box pulled out something else. It's like typing 'Jay' into iTunes search box and get songs by Jay Chou, Jay Z, Jay Leno.. (Jay Leno?! I made that one up :P)

Anyway, Li Yong Jia came out of my brain too. This name striked to me as an awfully familiar person I've met from the past. Instantly an island loomed from my mind. Hmm... that's familiar too, I thought. I've been to many islands but none are as heavily imprinted in my mind as Singapore aka stress-fun kiasuland.

Oh! I must have met Li Yong Jia in Singapore! Yeah, it must be! because I instantly remembered the lavender cake I gave to him before I leave kiasuland for good! That heavenly cake made by Family cake/breadshop in Batu Pahat aka sweet-old hometown! Why did i gave him the cake in the first place? Oh! I remembered! As a token of appreciation for bringing a peking duck all the way from beijing which i shared with the Asean Gang! Not all la, i think some of you guys went back ady, it was during some holiday.. I can remember Grace was there, as well as Jon who was the excellent fowl carver. Other than that... sien, jason, ben, sp, hl, cp, hw, hm, eric, foo, victor, were you all there? Somehow i couldn't remember anymore..

So I came back to reality aka eating my Unagi don (Japanese baked eel and rice with special sweet sauce) while marveling how by meeting Li Jia again triggered a chain reaction in my brain to dig so extensively back into past memories involving a long lost friend, a very good lavender cake, ASEAN bunchies and a duck. A real deal Peking duck.


Just talked to Alvin about going back to Malaysia aka easy-fun bolehland. BPians, miss you guys! I'll be back from June 12 to Aug 19. Someone please inform me if there's any gathering/reunion/makan-makan sessions k!! Ah how i wish i have everyone's msn/emails... If you guys happen to read this please email me k?

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