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February 25, 2007

Indiana's Crazy Weather

Last week's snow storm brought us 15-inch snow; today's hail storm brought us slippery and smudgy roads.

It was just after church. My senior Andrew was sending a friend to Payless and was on the way back. I was still in the church waiting for Andrew to fetch me back. Suddenly i received distressed call from him; he told me he was involved in a minor accident. I was shocked, both by the news and by his oddly calm voice. As he explained, I learned that his car skidded at a corner and drove straight into the snow-covered sidewalk path. The snow was so deep that his car was stuck. Luckily he was unhurt. I quickly asked Andrew Ng and Dodoi (church members) for help.

The hailstorm was still pelting down like mad when we reached the scene. Andrew's car was driven deep into 10-inch snow, not the soft flurry kind but the hardened crystallized kind. The 3 of us pushed with all our might while Andrew shifted into the reverse gear and stepped on the gas pedal. The car vroomed and bellowed but the wheels did not move at all. We tried to remove the snow below the car but to no avail. We tried to push the car again for 3 times but to no avail too. In the end, Andrew called a towing company. Andrew Ng and Dodoi went back to the church while I waited with Andrew for the towing truck to arrive.

We waited for an hour. During that time, there are actually 2 passing cars who stopped by and proffered help. And a police patrol came by too. We're just sitting in the car listening to music while watching the ice plunking down on the windscreen and melting away. Other passing cars were so extremely careful while driving pass us, as if we're a reality advertisement on road skids. And Andrew said he was merely driving at a speed of 20 miles per hour when he skidded. Tough luck.

Finally, the towing truck pulled Andrew's car out. $50 spent and shoes soaked wet thereafter, we reminded ourselves to be satisfied what we have experienced, and went for dinner.

Met Maylin at Harrison Grill doing her programming homework. She showed us this photo of frosted pine tree taken after the snowstorm last week. It looks so magical that as if it's straight from Disney cartoon. It was something wonderful, considering after we just had experienced how bad Indiana's crazy weather can be.

Here's the photo:


Thanks Maylin!

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