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January 18, 2007


Haven't been updating for a tad too long already... it seems like i every time a new semester starts time slips away without holding any space for leisure pleasure. But! In the meantime, i have already uploaded photos from Edinburgh and London, which can be found here, sini, 这里, ji peng and ここに.

Last Friday after dinner I went to a friend's house to play Nintendo Wii. It's hard to believe a white trapezoid box, smaller than Xbox360 and PS3, can live up to its revolutionary reputation: the first ever motion-based console! The infrared detector sensed the controller in my hand when i throw an imaginary bowling ball into the imaginary pins. In boxing game, you can throw a punch at your friend without physically hurting him. In tennis, everyone becomes as good as Maria Sharapova (and sweat as much as in a real game too!). It's a total fun machine.

If i have a Wii, the first game i want is Bleach!! It's so cool!! Don't believe me? Go ahead and watch the matches reprised from the anime and manga!


Ikkaku vs Ichigo click here
Ichigo's first fight when he entered Seiretei. Though the gameplay is not 100% accurate to the storyline, it's surprising to see Ikkaku's bankai in animation! (It's not due in anime until episode 130++)

Ishida vs Mayuri click here
Quite fun to watch Ishida after releasing his glove, and his finishing move against that stupid poisonous clown.

Byakuya vs Renji click here
IMHO this is the nicest one i have found. Byakuya totally pawned Renji with his kidou, senbonzakura and bankai (senkei senbonzakura kageyoshi)!

Zaraki Kenpachi vs Tousen click here
Tousen's becoming invisible in his bankai is cool! But Kenpachi still ownz!

Soifon vs Yoruichi click here
No swords here; strictly martial arts fighting only.

Aizen Taichou vs Hitsugaya Taichou click here
Hitsugaya Taichou totally rocks in his bankai mode! However, he still lost to bookworm-turn-evil/cool-looking Aizen Taichou... unfair!

(Someone must teach me how to open a new window with every click on a link)

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