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November 21, 2004

Cammie For Me?

For the uninitiated, please read this first.

Dear Cammie, don't get too dejected by my brother's betrayal. You have to accept the fact that you are getting too obsolete and out of date for my brother's exponential progression in his professionalism. He ain't love you no more. I know the truth is harsh, but that's life. You have to move on gracefully and serve your worth to your incoming new master: me! Haha, I promise I'll treat you better with my delicate hands, albeit they are still quite adroitly inept. But don't worry, I'll spend my December holidays to brush up my skills so that I'll be worthy of your picturesque value.

Bro, can I have her please? Thank you very much.

Yeah, I'm back in Shah Alam again, and for once it is a sign of relief because I'll be studying again for 2 more weeks before the SAT subject tests. Don't be mistaken by my seemingly avid enthusiasm for lessons because the case is, I'm happy to stay far away from those temptations at home (ah, home sweet home) to start preparing for the tests. My 1-week hols were wasted away just slugging in front of the tube and reading books and, yes (this one is essential) a visit to Singapore. Time to settle down and buckle up for the last battlefront of this semester!

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